Brunch @ Chalait


Even though it is the dead of summer, I had to order the matcha latte because it’s the drink that Chalait is famed for! And trust me, I am glad I did! The matcha was blended in smoothly with the milk and the green tea flavor came across in a wonderfully creamy way.


My boyfriend ordered the matcha iced tea and chalait salmon & egg (you can see it right beside his hairy legs :P) while I ordered the matcha latte and avocado sunrise. Both of the food dishes were pretty good, but I only managed to get a close up of mine as my boyfriend was ready to dig-in and I know better than to stand between a hungry man and his food! The avocado sunrise is definitely a Spanish-inspired dish, with roasted pepitas and chimichurri sauce on top of a poached egg, avocado, arugula and sliced tomatoes. Yum ❤


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