Sutton Inn (NYC, USA)

You know those days when you get off work and you’re just SO hungry? Well, today is one of those days for me because I was so busy at work that my breakfast and lunch consisted of a granola bar each. Sad. Life.

Anyway, I got to reminiscing about the time that Phil made a reservation earlier this year at Sutton Inn for our Valentine’s Day dinner ❤ The place had just opened up a few months ago in November 2014 to amazing reviews. And I remember the service at Sutton Inn being on point and the food being an interesting take on traditional American cuisine. Moreso, the restaurant had provided additional tastings to their 4-course prix fixe Valentines Day 2015 menu! Happy memories = happy me again. Now time to find food…

Complimentary: Oyster

Complimentary: Oyster


Yellowfin Tuna Crudo: Olives, Sunchoke, Tonnato


Red Endive Salad: Marscapone, Orange, Fennel


Crispy Maine Bay Crab: Cilantro, Miso, Radish


Pan Seared Turbot: Salsify, Swiss Chard, Jura Hollandaise


Braised Lamb Shoulder: Thumbelina Carrots, Charred Onion, Mint Jus


Long Island Duck Breast: Farro, Grilled Gem Lettuce, Almond Pure


Complimentary: Passion Fruit Granita


Apple Tarte For Two: Cinnamon Amaretto‏ Ice Cream


Complimentary: Chestnut Truffles and Coffee Macaroon to go


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