coca-cola float anyone?

For some reason, I prefer coca-cola floats to root beer floats. Probably because I never grew up with root beer, or really, any soda for that matter. There were few occasions when we had soda in the house, and they’re usually leftovers from some party or other. The first time I made this recipe was way back when, when I was in 5th grade. I remember really wanting to try a root beer float because my friends back then were talking about it during lunch time. But there wasn’t any vanilla ice-cream or root beer soda in the house when I got home. All we had was cookies ‘n’ cream ice-cream and coca-cola… I thought, “why not?”

To this day, this is still one of my favorite treats:


– coca-cola soda
– cookies ‘n’ cream ice-cream

1) Scoop a big spoonful of cookies ‘n’ cream ice-cream into a cup.
2) Pour coca-cola over the ice-cream until the foam reaches the brim of the cup and enjoy!

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