beautiful dinner @ Kyo Ya (NYC, US)


To show our gratitude to our amazing friends who hosted us for the month and a half while we were homeless (to sum up, we were in between leases for a month followed by many delays on the opening of our new home due to ongoing construction), Phil and I treated the two to a thank-you dinner at Kyo Ya, one of our new favorite restaurants! The entrance is a little hard to find, with you having to go down a flight of romantically lit stairs in the east village:


We started off the dinner with Yuba And Uni Yoshino Style sea urchin on tofu skin in crystal clear sauce:


Pairing the dinner with Dassai 50 Junmai Daiginjo a light, balanced, clean and easy drinking sake:


Followed by our favorite dish of the night Black Cod Miso Glaze broiled tsubu miso marinated cod:


And trying the chef special Tasmanian Salmon Trout wrapped with oborokobu sea weed:



With our not so favorite Seafood Shutoan scallop, blue shrimp and king crab with cured bonito sauce:


Followed by Wild Blue Fin Tuna sashimi from Mexico:


And ending the meal with Alaskan Rock Fish a seasonal dish:


To top it all off, service was exceptional 🙂


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