Phil & Jess 2016 Resolutions

On the first day of every year, Phil and I sit down together to write out our couples resolutions. These resolutions help to ensure that we set aside time to focus on each other and continue to develop our relationship – something that often gets neglected in long term relationships! This year, we brought back some of our favorites from the past:


For some ideas, feel free to look at our previous 2 lists below and see if/how we completed each resolution! 🙂


Thousand Piece Puzzle

  • DSC01689

Beach Trip

Book Exchange

  • The Little Prince <–> The Alchemist


  • Completed in 2015!

Monthly Video Log

  • Half-completed… we only managed to do 3 or 4 of them!

– – – – –


Volunteer Together

  • Mighty Mutts

Monthly 2 Hour Talks

  • Check!

Overnight Trip

  • To Washington D.C. The hotel we stayed at was only 1 block away from the White House!
  • dc

Weekly Run

  • Only did once ><

WSP Mission

  • Made it to the center of the fountain!
  • wsp


  • Shifted out to 2015 😦

Night Out on a Rooftop

  • Went to Top of the Strand and 230 Fifth!
  • 230

Cook Dinner

  • We cooked our 2014 Valentine’s Day dinner together ❤



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