Little Lions (NYC, US)

Cookies & kitties? Who can say “no” to that?! Little Lions is cat cafe located just south of SoHo where for $11, you can spend up to an hour petting adorable cats that are up for adoption while sipping a cup of coffee or tea from the jointly attached cafe.


Try to go before snack/feeding time as the cats will ignore you when they’re full and just want to take a nap. What’s nice is that the cafe does have books lying around for you to read while the cats are napping. My only complaint is that the cafe can get crowded, throwing the human to cat ratio off and causing there to be little personal time & space for you to bond with a cat you are seriously considering adopting.

2 thoughts on “Little Lions (NYC, US)

  1. anyone4curryandotherthings says:

    Namaskaram Jess – stumbled across your blog today – and I am so glad! šŸ™‚ Although we are all 100 % dog people in this family, we also once had a sweet sweet cat just like yours up in the ‘moving’ picture, and her name was Annabell!!!
    I have to stop browsing through your beautiful blog for the moment, or no work will be done in my own kitchen:) but I will be back shortly. Take care. Carina


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