brunch @ Her Name is Han (NYC, US)


Hello to one of my new favorite restaurants in NYC! This is a late-post from my end, but I had to get this review off my to-do list since this restaurant deserves a 5 star recommendation.

First off, shout-out to the staff! The day that my friend and I first stopped by Her Name is Han, we were in our work-out clothes and looking far from presentable after running the entire Central Park loop. Nevertheless, we were not turned away at the door and still received exceptional service – something that I would not be surprised to find lacking at some other restaurants in NYC that shall remain unnamed… not that I would blame them since two sweaty people hardly adds to the atmosphere haha 😛

The brunch menu was limited in options, but deciding what to order was still super hard as everything was tempting! Or we were just famished. Anyway, I finally settled on the black cod entree and thank god I did because it was HEAVENLY. The cod was cooked so perfectly tender that it just melts away in your mouth. The portion, especially given all of the complimentary side dishes, was just right. It came with a bowl of rice, soup, pickled vegetable bites, kimchi, a salad, and the star of the side dishes, a poached egg over a creamy yet textured edamame puree. The tri-colored pastel squares, a traditional Korean treat, at the bottom right of the picture wraps up the meal as crunchy, slightly sweet dessert. You will walk away from the meal full, but not feeling bloated because everything that composed the meal is nutritious and light. A yummy healthy meal at an amazing value – what more can you ask for?


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