Phil & Jess 2017 Resolutions


Happy New Years everyone!!! I know I haven’t been posting much the past month, but my schedule has been super crazy since starting my externship at the Nomad! To recap and share with you guys, 2016 and 23 has been the roller coaster of my life so far. At the urgings of my parents, I left my old corporate job, took the LSAT, got into a major disagreement afterwards with my mother that culminated in me getting “disowned” – hopefully a temporary situation – moved apartments, spent a few days soul searching while cooking up a storm, realized the extent of my love for the culinary arts, applied to ICC, received scholarships, took out student loans for the rest, turned down a 3 Michelin star restaurant for a 1 Michelin star because I’ve matured enough to put experience and learning over prestige, and now here I am, working on my days off work but more content with and proud of myself than I’ve ever been before. I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this and be pursuing my dreams right now if not for the continual support of Phil! Here are our resolutions together for a hopefully calmer 2017: 



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