Phil & Jess 2016 Resolutions

On the first day of every year, Phil and I sit down together to write out our couples resolutions. These resolutions help to ensure that we set aside time to focus on each other and continue to develop our relationship – something that often gets neglected in long term relationships! This year, we brought back some of our favorites from the past:


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The Blogger Recognition Award

Goooood morning everyone! I cannot think of a better way to start off my weekend than to wake up to this award nomination! Thank you SO much to A Pinch of Sea Salt , a delicious blog that is inspired by her and her husband’s love of food. Seriously, if you love finding new recipes, trying new food, and looking at gorgeous pictures of food (this girl right here!), then you will definitely want to check out A Pinch of Sea Salt.

blogger rec award

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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!


I know this post is a little long, but I was nominated by both A Girl With Pink Cheeks and The Xandra Chronicles for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award! Thank you both very much! And if you guys haven’t heard of the two before, definitely go check out their blogs when you get the chance. I promise you won’t regret that decision 🙂

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Tory Burch: York Buckle Tote

So as I get ready to begin my full-time career after college, I knew that it was time to invest in a work bag – aka, bye bye backpacks! Some of the things that I looked for in my bag was for it to be big enough to carry my pocketbook, phone, charger, keys, notebook, tablet, makeup bag, water bottle, work heels, and possibly lunch – all without appearing bulky. It also should contain a compartment or two inside the bag to help keep all of my items organized. And because it is a part of my professional attire, I want the bag to look stylish, but not flashy, and sleek enough to go straight out to dinner or drinks at the end of the day. Finally, it shouldn’t break the bank! This means that I was aiming for a bag that was under $500.

After many hours of research (like 5 hours too many!) online and checking some out in-stores, I’ve finally settled on and purchased my new bag! Here are some pictures of my new Tory Burch York Buckle Tote in the color Tory Navy. Despite my love for the colors New Ivory and Light Oak, I went with a darker color to prevent the bag from showing signs of wear and tear.DSC01142

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