brunch @ Annabel (NYC, US)


Annabel is the perfect place for a late-brunch with friends because PIZZA. Seriously, this gruyere, applewood bacon, eggs, brussels, chili flakes is one of the BEST PIZZAS I’ve had to date! The vibe of this neighborhood restaurant was fantastic and the pizza portions were generous. I was feeling pretty good at two slices but had to eat a third because IT WAS JUST THAT GOOD. So given that I ate half a pizza by myself (don’t judge me until you try this pizza), I recommend that if you come to Annabel, split the pizza with a friend to avoid having leftovers 🙂


Narcissa (NYC, USA)

Brunch at Narcissa ranks up there as one of the best brunches I’ve had in NYC! It is owned by André Balazs and Michelin-starred chef John Fraser. The interior environment of the restaurant was amiable and inviting (even during this wintry month!) with warm wood and sunlit interiors thanks to the large windows overlooking the restaurant’s private garden. 10/10 would dine again!


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Sakagura (NYC, US)

Established in 1996, Sakagura has been a pioneer in introducing New Yorkers to the world of sake. We continue to be one of the top sake bars in the United States, attracting countless sake lovers from around the world. Our one-of-a-kind menu consists of over 200 kinds of carefully selected sakes, authentic tapas-style Japanese dishes, and homemade desserts. We are known for being a “hidden jewel” of Manhattan also because of our unique and hidden location. Come find us and transport yourself to Tokyo.

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 By hidden, they are not kidding! You will find Sakagura at the basement level of an office building in Midtown that I walked past twice before entering. One of my close friends of 10 years treated me to a delicious dinner here to kick-off my birthday week! Two new table neighbors and almost 3 hours later, we walked out as happy as two girls who ate their way through the menu could be – aka, very happy 😛

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beautiful dinner @ Kyo Ya (NYC, US)


To show our gratitude to our amazing friends who hosted us for the month and a half while we were homeless (to sum up, we were in between leases for a month followed by many delays on the opening of our new home due to ongoing construction), Phil and I treated the two to a thank-you dinner at Kyo Ya, one of our new favorite restaurants! The entrance is a little hard to find, with you having to go down a flight of romantically lit stairs in the east village:

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weekend adventures: Smorgasburg in Williamsburg (Queens, NY)

If you’re an avid food lover and instagram food picturer-er who lives in the New York area, than no doubt you’ve already heard of (if not already ate your way through!) the Smorgasburg. My favorite day to go is Saturday when it is at Williamsburg along the East River State Park waterfront. The game plan: Arrive there early, around 11:00am, to avoid the long lines. Lap the area once through, taking mental note of what vendors are there that day. And get in your first line for the item you want to eat the most! After each line, remember to take a picture of your food :P, and head to the waterfront to enjoy it with a view of the city across the river. It’s best if you bring a friend(s) so that you can take bites out of more dishes! And then afterwards, work off that food baby by heading to the Brooklyn Flea Market for some casual perusing of things that you really want to buy but really do not need.

Outerborough Scallion Pancake Rolls (Left to Right: Crispy Pork Belly & Braised Beef)

Outerborough Scallion Pancake Rolls (Left to Right: Crispy Pork Belly & Braised Beef)

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Brunch @ Chalait


Even though it is the dead of summer, I had to order the matcha latte because it’s the drink that Chalait is famed for! And trust me, I am glad I did! The matcha was blended in smoothly with the milk and the green tea flavor came across in a wonderfully creamy way.

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