Little Lions (NYC, US)

Cookies & kitties? Who can say “no” to that?! Little Lions is cat cafe located just south of SoHo where for $11, you can spend up to an hour petting adorable cats that are up for adoption while sipping a cup of coffee or tea from the jointly attached cafe.


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brunch @ Annabel (NYC, US)


Annabel is the perfect place for a late-brunch with friends because PIZZA. Seriously, this gruyere, applewood bacon, eggs, brussels, chili flakes is one of the BEST PIZZAS I’ve had to date! The vibe of this neighborhood restaurant was fantastic and the pizza portions were generous. I was feeling pretty good at two slices but had to eat a third because IT WAS JUST THAT GOOD. So given that I ate half a pizza by myself (don’t judge me until you try this pizza), I recommend that if you come to Annabel, split the pizza with a friend to avoid having leftovers 🙂


Caffe’ dei Fiori (NYC, US)


Phil and I celebrated Valentine’s Day this year with a dinner at Caffe’ dei Fiori on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The atmosphere was romantic with a rose & lit candle at every table; and I also appreciated the cute touch that the restaurant put in sprinkling adorable Valentine themed confetti on the table! The food was great, especially the duck breast, and our waiter was attentive but not overly so. My only complaint was the distance (or almost lack of) between the tables, especially on Valentine’s Day when most couples are hoping for some space and intimacy!

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Sutton Inn (NYC, USA)

You know those days when you get off work and you’re just SO hungry? Well, today is one of those days for me because I was so busy at work that my breakfast and lunch consisted of a granola bar each. Sad. Life.

Anyway, I got to reminiscing about the time that Phil made a reservation earlier this year at Sutton Inn for our Valentine’s Day dinner ❤ The place had just opened up a few months ago in November 2014 to amazing reviews. And I remember the service at Sutton Inn being on point and the food being an interesting take on traditional American cuisine. Moreso, the restaurant had provided additional tastings to their 4-course prix fixe Valentines Day 2015 menu! Happy memories = happy me again. Now time to find food…

Complimentary: Oyster

Complimentary: Oyster

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Brunch @ Chalait


Even though it is the dead of summer, I had to order the matcha latte because it’s the drink that Chalait is famed for! And trust me, I am glad I did! The matcha was blended in smoothly with the milk and the green tea flavor came across in a wonderfully creamy way.

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