NEST luxury mini votive candles review

These beautiful, mini NEST candles are much more powerful in scent than they appear and when lit, fills up your entire home with the fragrance being burned – not an exaggeration! But then again, I live in a one-bedroom apartment in NYC so my home is not very hard to fill up with any sort of smell… Anyway, after this experience, I would say that NEST candles are so far my absolute favorite candles! I love lighting them after dinner to get rid of the leftover food smell before settling in for the evening to study a bit for the LSAT, take a break from studying to watch Top Chef, and then read a bit before bedtime ❤

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Sephora Event: Atelier Cologne Workshop

This afternoon Phil and I attended the Atelier Cologne workshop at Sephora to learn more about the story behind the brand and how the founders Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel mixed together select ingredients to create fragrances that would take them (and you!) back to a specific memory, emotion, or impactful time in life.

What’s unique about Atelier is that their Cologne Absolue “celebrates the elegance of citruses, the traditional ingredients of a cologne. For the first time, citruses are blended with the most precious raw materials in perfumery for perfectly balanced creations with outstanding lasting power thanks to very high concentration of essential oils.”

The workshop was not only scent-filled fun, but also super instructional to the extent that Phil and I left the workshop with not only two new delicious scents, but also a newfound knowledge and appreciation for the craft.

The workshop began with a quick overview on the history of perfume and its usage before launching into an overall introduction of the brand and then delving into the story and inspiration behind each of the scents. Pictured below, you can see four of the collections in the Cologne Absolue family: Collection Azul, Collection Originale, Collection Metal, and Collection Mateires (from left to right).


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