Good Morning, Vietnam [2017]

Guess who’s back, back again? After a day of recovery from a long 21 hour flight, I am ready to be back on the grind. I’ve already contacted ICC’s Career Services team about a posting that I’m super interested in, but I know that I will need to continue researching for other options as well. Any suggestions or leads that any of you have will be super appreciated! Please just comment below or private message me 🙂

Anyhow, the past week spent in Vietnam was wonderful. With the dollar being so strong in the country right now, I highly recommend making the trip if you have the opportunity to! Given our budget, for most of our meals, Phil and I aimed to eat as the locals do. And since we were fortunate enough to have our housing taken care of by a close friend, between the two of us, we spent about $450 total during the week – that’s about $30 per person per day! Please continue reading below for our day to day trip itinerary and food suggestions.

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ceviche charred corn & plantain chips


As soon as I tried this ceviche charred corn and plantain chips combo at the ICC open-house, I knew I had to try out their recipe at home someday! And today is the day. Continue reading for the full recipe. One note, fluke and flounder are the same exact fish – it’s just called fluke during the summer seasons and flounder during the winter seasons.


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brunch @ Her Name is Han (NYC, US)


Hello to one of my new favorite restaurants in NYC! This is a late-post from my end, but I had to get this review off my to-do list since this restaurant deserves a 5 star recommendation.

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beautiful dinner @ Kyo Ya (NYC, US)


To show our gratitude to our amazing friends who hosted us for the month and a half while we were homeless (to sum up, we were in between leases for a month followed by many delays on the opening of our new home due to ongoing construction), Phil and I treated the two to a thank-you dinner at Kyo Ya, one of our new favorite restaurants! The entrance is a little hard to find, with you having to go down a flight of romantically lit stairs in the east village:

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Puerto Fuy (Santiago, Chile)

Anyone looking to splash out on a ritzier meal during their stay in Santiago should check out Puerto Fuy in the upmarket neighborhood of Vitacura! (More information on Puerto Fuy after all the yummy pictures.)


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Blue Water Grill (NYC, USA)

Throwback to the delicious Restaurant Week lunch I enjoyed on NYU Stern! (#seniorperks) Anyway, Blue Water Grill was amazing and I loved the interior design of the place – did you know that it used to be the Metropolitan Bank? The building is now repurposed into a restaurant and offers a seafood based menu with live jazz on some nights!

Potato Leek Soup: grilled country bread, avocado, trout roe

Potato Leek Soup: grilled country bread, avocado, trout roe

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